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The Memory of Beans
[278th]In My Lecture
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 20:53:41 Jang Min-a, Korean Literature hwherald@pusan.ac.kr


The Memory of Beans



Jang Min-a, Korean Literature in Chinese Characters

          One day, I was taking Asian Cultural History class. The subject of that day was the history of Chinese bean products. We also learned about the history of Korean bean products. There are many clues which indicate that the Korea peninsula is the origin of bean and bean products. 
          The origin of beans. That was the very cause of my childhood misfortune. This lecture reminded me of the memory of beans. In other words, it was not a memory but a nightmare. 
          I have always hated beans ever since my childhood. Needless to say, I hated bean products, too. For me, beans, Doenjang and Cheonggookjang had a nasty savor. I could eat tofu and bean sprouts, but didn't like them much. In short, I hated almost everything which came from beans. 
          However, everyone knew that beans were very good for health and my parents were no exception. For the worse, I was Korean and Korea was the origin of beans. It meant that we could eat bean and bean products at every meal!
Therefore, the disharmony between my taste and Korean traditional food caused numerous conflicts. My parents scolded me that I should eat rice with beans and Doenjang. But I couldn't do it at all. It was not a matter of trying or effort. It was so stressful for me that sometimes I even feared beans.
          Children have at least one food which they hate to eat. For instance, my sister hated algae such as seaweed and sea tangle, because she couldn't stand its slipperiness. However, doenjang and rice with beans were served on our table more often than seaweed soup. Therefore, I was scolded by my parents more often than her. In spite of my tender age, I thought it was really unfair. I wanted to scream. "Is it a crime to hate beans?"
          When I became a grown-up, I could eat almost everything I had hated to eat in my childhood. But bean and bean products were the exception. I have not conquered them yet, and my parents have almost given up now.

By Jang Min-a, Korean Literature in Chinese Characters


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