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What Do Students Want for Their Convenience?
[278th]Talk Hard
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 21:08:24 Byun Ga-young, Repoter bluyhouse@hotmail.com


What Do Students Want for

                        Their Convenience?


          These days, when I’m going to Moonchang Hall (Moonchang) I can see shopkeepers at getting Hyowonian’s signatures. The storekeepers were informed by the PNU main office that they must stops running at their shop in the end of this year. Mostly, students questioned shopkeepers, “Why are you stopping your shop? I can’t understand”, and signed on the paper for the merchants. On the paper were many messages of support. A look resignation came to the storekeepers and students face.
          The cooperative store at Moonchang offered PNU students the necessities and groceries at a low price. The location of Moonchang is very convenient to drop in. Sometimes, when I have no class for about 20 or 30 minutes at livery #1 or Business Bldg., I can’t go to the front gate to buy my groceries. At that time, I use Moonchang cooperative store, because it is cheaper, closer, and easier to save time. Next year, students will have to go out of school to copy books or buying bottles of saline solution. The school main office is pushing them farther and more expensive than the present. Also, it was too unfair that the main office informed the bulletin over the transom. The main office and the traders were better speaking together even one time than only bulletin their direction.
          Nonetheless, I was surprised at the use of Moonchang Hall, because it is under investigation so far. I thought the reason business was stopped was that the use of Moonchang was decided in haste and they have to work quickly. The shopkeepers cannot choose but to leave Moonchang that they rented with low cost. Nobody shopping at Moonchang please with the unhappy news. I hope to see the familiar shopkeepers at Moonchang Hall next year as well.

By Byun Ga-young, Repoter

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