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The DSLR Is Not Your Accessory Any Longer
[276th]Meet the Hyowonian
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 21:35:29 Jang Hee-seok, Reporter jhsbear@pusan.ac.kr


The DSLR Is Not Your Accessory

                                Any Longer



Mr. Jang gives an explanation with his camera. 

          These days, many people use the digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) for their pictures. You may also have a DSLR or experience using it. Unlike the past, DSLR is not only for professional photographers but also those who want more impressive and complete pictures. Due to the development of technology, the cameras are priced competitively, so they have become more popular with people of all ages and both genders. However, most people who spend much money to get a DSLR don’t know how to use it well. 
          Jang Jun-woo, Dept. of Communication, voluntarily held a lecture to help users with DSLR. This lecture was for PNU students and also faculties. He noticed that many students have a DSLR just as a costly accessory that makes them disappointed. This is why he decided to have lectures on DSLRs himself. The reason why he showed interest in the DSLR is that he has an opportunity to see photos taken by his friends who major in Photography. They are very fascinating to him. Before he usually took pictures with a small digital camera but never got the shots what he wanted. It motivated to him to study photograph and ultimately buy a DSLR. One day, when he connected to SLR club, which is the biggest online club of DSLRs, he saw the lectures for beginner users. He thought that it was very hard to understand for beginners so he made a brief explanation to upload to the website. This manual was very popular to club members and he felt very worthwhile with the results. You also can access this source currently. If you want it, follow these steps. 
          1. Connect to homepage, http://www.slrclub.com 
          2. Click to researching blank and enter his ID, “D.klaud” 
          Then, you will get the best information on DSLRs for beginners.
          The first lecture for PNU students was on August 20th and the second on September 20th. Many students attended and had a very meaningful time. Heo hoe-jun one of the attendees said, “This lecture made me motivated. After finishing, I decided to study DSLRs myself.” Mr. Jang said, “First of all, I’m very astonished that there is no one who read an operating manual ever. Most of them just knew how to take pictures only by pressing the shutter. Before I bought my camera, I had studied at least 10 months and chose very seriously. There are as many models as functions of the DSLR, so it is essential that you read the operating manual to use your DSLR properly. Without your effort, your tool will become just a heavy accessory.” In addition, he said, “During the learning time, I was also embarrassed that the camera was a new model that I had never seen. The buttons were different from any other cameras so I didn’t know information of the camera at all without the manual. The market of the DSLR has developed very rapidly. Therefore, in order to use skillfully, all DSLR users are advised to at least study each of their cameras to take complete and satisfying photographs.”

By Jang Hee-seok, Reporter

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