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About Media Bil-lWhat do you think about the Media bill? (Opinion)
[278th]Running Story
2009년 12월 19일 (토) 11:12:52 PARK BEOM-GAK, Library, Archiv qkrqjarkr@nate.com


          <Running story> About Media Bill
          + What do you think about the Media bill? (Opinion)

There is an illegal process when passing the bill. However, the bill is effective.

          When the Constitutional Court makes a decision, it becomes a hot potato. People do not make sense of that, and say ironically “There is cheating, but the score of exam is still effective,” “He was elected a president, but he is not the president.” Nevertheless, they do not answer confidently when they get a question like, “Have you ever read the ruling of the Constitutional Court?” or, “Can you explain the Media bill?” For this reason, we need to find the Media bill out. 
          The Media bill allows corporations to broadcast. It is not bad for them to make programming and sell it. In reasonable society, it will be a plan to make a job. Unfortunately, Korea is not a reasonable society. Korea is for the haves. The worst case was Adolf Hitler. Alfred Hugenberg, who was press plutocracy, supported him through the newspaper and broadcasting. So, Adolf Hitler’s party could be the party in power. Fortunately, Media bill was made for plutocrat not to hold the press, but there is still dangerousness.
           Actually, the Media bill would be in sharp conflict not only because of the content of the Media bill. When voting for the Media bill adjustment, voter turnout was less than 148, which is the fixed number for a decision. Therefore, the National Assembly took the vote again, yet this is a violation of the principal of not deliberating the same measure twice during the same session of the National Assembly. Also, there is a controversy that people voted by proxy in the procedure. Finally, parties out of power requested suspension of the Broadcasting Act and asked the Constitutional Court of another judgment regarding the host authority of the bill. The Constitutional Court judged as above. However, the decision was made known to the general public erroneously. The Constitutional Court did not say “The Media bill is effective.” They said, “The Media bill was the problem of the National Assembly, not the judication. Therefore, it needs to be concluded by the National Assembly.” Nonetheless, they judge that claimant’s rights were infringed in the passing process of Media bill. 
           Decision about the Media bill was entrusted to the National Assembly. The party in power supports that and said, “There is no more discussion.”  However, according to the Constitutional Court, the National Assembly will start a debate about the Media bill again. It is essential for recovery of their honor. 
          Every policy should be attained for the people. It would also be good for the party in power that the Media bill is not for plutocracy. If the policy for the nation has flaws, it will be corrected through conversation. Then, the policy will be enforced fairly. During enforcement of the policy, the parties out of power and the nation have to watch the policy. For this, we have to know about the Media bill. Nevertheless, how well do we actually know what the Media bill is and the problems?

By PARK BEOM-GAK, Library, Archive and information study

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