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Take Care of My Cat
Twenty Somethings’ Freedom and Reality
2009년 12월 24일 (목) 14:03:40 Kim Ji-hwan lk1504@pusan.ac.kr

             Episode Extraordinary Taehi (Bae Do-na), pretty Hyejoo (Lee Yo-won), gloomy Jiyoung (Ok Ji-young), twins Biryu (Lee Eun-sil) and Onjo (Lee Eun-joo) are best fiends. These friends who were always with each other are scattered about in their twenties. Hyejoo entering a stock company wants to be a career woman, and Jiyoung gifted in art wants to go abroad to study. In the mean time, Taehi falls in love with a cerebral palsy poet who does volunteer work. Some day, Jiyoung meets a lost cat Titi, and then Titi comes into their life.

             The season of the movie is the beginning of early autumn. There are five girls playing merrily near a wharf-side. When observing this scene, they appear to be no better than schoolgirls. These girls are in brown mood. It feels so warm. However, immediately, the movie shows that five girls become twenty. Gray lightening and background as winter makes these girls appear sorrowful.

Although Hyejoo does odd jobs in a company, she is a realist saying the good is better than the bad. On the other hand, Taehi is a free girl. Longing to travel a broad ocean. However she clashes with family members because they are conservative. In the end, she leaves home for Australia. Jiyoung is so poor that she cant be a textile designer. Nevertheless she behaves strange. She borrows money from their friends in order to buy an up to date cell phone. In the end, Jiyoung cant be free like Tae hi, and cant lead a comfortable life like Hyejoo. Jiyoungs character reflects twenty somethings frustrated by economic depression.

             The cat symbolizes freedom in this movie. One day, Jiyoungs grand parents passed away by a collapsed roof accident, leaving her to be sent to a juvenile reformatory school because she didnt say anything at all during her social welfare investigation. Finally, Tae hi takes care of the cat for a while. However, eventually leaves for to find freedom after giving the cat to Onjo. In conclusion, one can feel that Tae hi finally gained his freedom from taking care of the cat by going to Australia.

             ter his flight, a big letter Good Bye is inserted in the last scene. The big letters say leaving for freedom toward twenties who leads a comfortable life.  This movie tells us that getting through a crisis is not about leading a comfortable life, but leaving for freedom somewhere.

             Twenty is between adulthood and adolescence. So an adolescent has to find real freedom to become an adult. What is the destination of the ship named twenty? Reality or freedom? If you have question like this for yourself after watching this movie, you can gain a valuable lesson in your life.

By Kim Ji-hwan, Reporter


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