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Do You Want To Try A Real Cup Of Coffee?
[275호]Into Another Life
2009년 09월 02일 (수) 17:58:47 Kim Joo-ha, Hong Jae-min goddessjoo@pusan.ac.kr, whatever000@pusan.ac.kr


Do You Want To Try A Real Cup Of Coffee?

Have you EVER wondered how goes a day as a barista go? We have the answer for that curiosity.

          Do you enjoy drinking coffee?  Many people would drink at least a cup of coffee a week. Especially nowadays, “coffee” itself is a new type of trend. People want coffee not only to be tasty but also to look good. People are now paying more attention to the visual side of coffee and more and more people want to have ‘a good-looking coffee’. Then, who can make the coffee look delicious? That’s right. A barista! A barista is a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. The word is originated from Italian, where it has a wider meaning of ‘bartender’. With increasing interest of what exactly a barista is, we visited Hyowon Goodplus to meet the barista “Lee Keum Jung” to experience a day as a real barista.
          Experiencing a day with him, Mr. Lee, who got the certification as a barista, told us some things required on the job. He mentioned that as a perfect cup of coffee, the espresso should be tasty. The real barista does this job; how delicious an espresso he could extract. So, we planned to learn the two most basic but important things- try to extract the perfect taste espresso from the coffee machine, which costs more than ten million won, and make a cappuccino latte with beautiful art atop it. 
          The first task was not an easy one. To make out the delicious espresso, coffee beans should be extracted within 20~30 seconds, making a 2-5 millimeters of the layer, called ‘Crema’. While we were extracting the espresso, Mr. Lee told us how he got to be the barista. It was by chance that he made his mind to do this job. He did a part time job in a hotel when he was attending university. He felt that the service was just fit for him. However, he was employed in a company. It was not fun and the work was all uniform. He then got interested in making coffee taste better. That’s how he entered upon this lifestyle.
          The second task was to make pretty art on the cappuccino. It was not as easy as it looked. So, Mr. Lee helped us a lot on this. He soon made out a pretty cat on the cappuccino foam. It was just an amazing. 
          He finished with a word to future baristas. He told us that anyone who has a service mind with passion can be a barista, a future baristas have infinite possibilities to make drinks the new ways. Watching his passion and attachment to his job, we saw the bright future of the barista.

By Kim Joo-ha, Hong Jae-min, Reporter

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