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Kangwon-do, A World Covered with White Snow
2010년 03월 15일 (월) 18:22:49 Son Hyo-jeong hyojeong09@pusan.ac.kr

Kangwon-do, A World Covered with White Snow


    Kangwon-do is in the spotlight as a set for many dramas and films recently. For instance the dramas ‘East of Eden’ and ‘Beethoven Virus’ were filmed in Kangwondo.  The film ‘Insadong Scandal’ was shot in Kangwon-do as well. Not only is Kangwondo famous for drama and film sets, but it is also as a mecca of tourism. Especially, it is one of the most popular travel destinations in winter. There are many winter festivals and tourist attractions that occur in Kangwondo. That is why many tourists visit the province despite the biting cold. If you arrive at Kangwon-do, you can see the whole world covered with white snow. I wanted to witness such nice scenery that I can hardly ever feel in Busan. So I took a trip for three days with other Hyowon Herald reporters.
    We rented a car and went to Kangwon-do. It is far from Busan and we were not really familiar with the roads. This caused us to spend almost all of our time during our first day of the trip traveling. When we arrived at our first day’s destination, Jeongseon of Kangwon-do, the sky began to get dark. The weather was quite chilly, but the fresh air led me to go outside. Although it was early evening, the countryside was calm and dark. There were no neon signs there which made it easy for me to see many glittering stars.
    Early morning the next day, we went to the Jeongseon Rail bike which was a 10-minute drive from our pension. The Rail bike is a four-wheeled bike that runs on the railroad tracks by peddling. It is very popular around mountain resorts in Europe. It can speed up to about 10~30km per hour. I could feel the cool wind and take in the great scenery of Jeongseon. I thought it is a perfect place for couples.
    After we enjoyed the wonderful view from the rail bike, we went to Snow Park in Daegwanryeong. Kangwon-do is a suitable place to par take in various winter activities and the Snow Park is also a theme park focused on winter activities. We enjoyed sledding in the snow. We also competed in a sledding game. It was so exciting that we completely lost track of time.
   Then, we went to the Daegwanryeong Sheep Ranch, not far from the Snow Park. This ranch, called recognized as the Korean equivalent of the Alps, is located at the top of the Daegwanryeong hill. Because of the beautiful scenery, the place was crowded with many tourists. We walked a 40-minute trail in the ranch. I felt very refreshed after walking and enjoyed peace of mind. Also, I could have a chance to feed sheep with hay. It was a nice experience for me!
   On the last day of our trip, we went to the Highone Ski Resort. The hottest tourist destination in winter is a ski resort, I think. All of us were not good at skiing, but we wanted to enjoy our trip at the hottest tourist destination. When I saw a beautiful snow-covered field, I was really excited. All of us had so much expectation built up that we completely forgot that we couldn’t ski. We immediately got on a ski lift to go up the hill. Only then did we realize it was difficult. It was not so easy to master skiing. We used almost a whole day at the ski resort to learn how to ski.
 Our three-day trip finally finished. Our trip’s itinerary was pretty busy, so we had no time to eat lunch during the trip. Though we were very busy, our trip was wonderful. I could see gaze upon beautiful scenery and feel the atmosphere of winter. I am sure that Kangwon-do can be a best place to visit in winter. It is far from Busan, but it is worth visiting!

By Son Hyo-jeong, Reporter

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