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What is not able to be done by disabled people?
2010년 06월 04일 (금) 19:03:38 Yun Chan-kyoung, Reporter himystar@pusan.ac.kr


What is not able to be done

by disabled people?


          What is the biggest difference between disabled and non-disabled people? Is it physical problems? Intelligence? Or the word ‘non’? The answer is social attitudes towards the disabled. So, how do the British try and solve this social problem? 

          Unfortunately, disabled people are not able to do anything in Korea. Living is a sort of big serious challenge for them. It is really difficult for them to make friends, go outside, and be educated well. What is no problem for non-disabled is an obstacle. For the disabled, however, the Korean government and community do not encourage them to overcome their challenges, but only give a cold shoulder to them. 
          It is certain that the British can make Koreans feel regret and recognize that their attitudes towards the disabled are wrong in not helping them. There are big differences in how British and Koreans think about and deal with the disabled. At first, it is not optional but essential to install facilities for disabled everywhere. For example, all British buses offer enough space and seats for disabled who use wheelchairs. Furthermore, British buses have a device that helps them to get on a bus. It can be used whenever needed. Actually, it is not difficult to find taxis that cater to the disabled. In addition, in public places such as libraries, tourist sites, elevators and Braille services are readily available. 
          Secondly, the British attitude towards the disabled is different than the attitudes of Koreans. In fact, it is the most important thing to encourage the disabled to be active participants in society. Most non-disabled do not consider disabled people as different as them. For them, the meaning of ‘disabled’ is someone who just needs help more than others. That is, British society does not focus on their physical and psychological problems but respects their ability and only thinks it proper that they should help the disabled.
          The word, ‘disabled’, does not come from their problems. Misunderstanding is what makes them feel difficult to do something as a member of society it is no doubt that Britain is one of the best countries that provides useful facilities and encouragement for the disabled. Compared with England, Korea isn’t doing enough to find solution to the problems of the disabled. Of course, expanding facilities for the disabled is a big undertaking, never the less; we need to give our full attention to the problems of the disabled face. Improving our attitudes towards the disabled would be a first step to solve this societal problem wisely as England has already done.

By Yun Chan-kyoung, Reporter

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