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An awesome trip to the Rocky Mountains
[280th]Global Hyowonian
2010년 06월 04일 (금) 19:09:04 Hong Jae-min, Reporter whatever000@pusan.ac.kr


An awesome trip to the Rocky Mountains



          The Rocky Mountains are so famous that I thought that I should visit them at least once while I am in Canada. After viewing a pamphlet about the Rockie Mountains, I decided to travel there. The Rocky Mountain runs through Canada, the United States of America and Mexico. There are two towns in the Canadian Rocky Mountains called Jasper and Banff. In the Rockies, two national parks exist by the same names: Jasper and Banff. Because I only had three days, I went to Banff National Park.

          On the first day I went from Vancouver, it took about eleven to twelve hours of driving. I was bored at first but the way to the Rocky region was so beautiful that I could not even sleep and wanted to take pictures of the places I went through. On the highway, there were not many cars but rather whole stretched out land, tall trees, forest, wild animal such as elks, big horned sheep and grizzly bears, and various mountains covered with white snow. Unlike Korea, the most admirable things that I could find in Canada were lots of snow capped mountains. After 11 hours of driving, I finally got to the place called “Golden” .When I got to Golden, it was already dark enough so that I could not go out. 
          The place I loved during most of my trip was Banff which was where I spent most of my time. Banff is a well-known tourist attraction. It has nice skiing facilities and the small town is well organized. The first thing I did in Banff was to go skiing. I knew how to ski but decided to take a lesson before I went down the slopes. Surprisingly, the lesson was so helpful. The instructor explained every single thing about skiing for a long time. I felt that I would never have a lesson like this throughout the remainder of my life. While I was learning, I found out that the instructor was from New Zealand, the country I have stayed for a year when I was young. We were so surprised because he actually was from same town where I have stayed. What a small world! 
          After an amazing skiing lesson, I went on the gondola which goes up to the peak and viewed the beautiful scenery. I was overwhelmed by endless mountains and stuck for words to describe the view. On the peak, the entire mountain was covered with snow. I could see Lake Louise. Lake Louise is the second most famous tourist attraction well as Banff. After getting down from the gondola, we drove straight to Lake Louise so that I could see it up close. Lake Louise was covered with ice. I could not see the water. Since it was frozen, people could go ice-skating there. The second day was spent walking down through the town of Banff. It was well-organized. It seemed that most of the people in town were tourists.
          On the last day on the way back home, I stopped by Kelowna, the second largest city in British Columbia. Unlike the Rocky Mountains area, it was warm and the sun was shining. Since Kelowna was famous for wine and there were more than a hundred wineries, I could visit one of them. When I arrived at a winery, I fond a huge pyramid. Later, I found out that it was for maturing the wines. Three days of my trip to the Rockies ended there.
 During the trip, I was impressed by how the  nature of the Rocky Mountain region was preserved finely as it is; there were no lights on the road even at midnight and wild animals could cross the road while cars were waiting until they completely made their way across. It would be hard to tell what I have seen by words unless someone visited for themselves. I felt so sad that my trip was over only in three days. It was another precious memory for me during my time in Canada. 

By Hong Jae-min, Reporter

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