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Why don’t we throw out our trash in a decent way on campus?
[280th]Talk Hard
2010년 06월 04일 (금) 19:20:13 Choi Yeon-hong, Reporter occult2@naver.com


Why don’t we throw out our trash

in a decent way on campus?


          PNU has a lot of vending machines which provide drinks for students. We can have hot fresh-brewed coffee for only 200 or 300 won. However, do you throw out your trash in a proper place? If you are a smoker, you can take a rest smoking a cigarette. Yet, have you ever thrown out a cigarette butt on the roads of campus without thinking about your behavior?
          I have spotted so many disposable cups and cigarettes being thrown out around campus. Before we enter the Information Technology Center, we can encounter many vending machines. How is the atmosphere around these machines? Are the disposable cups and cigarettes in the trash can? I have repeatedly seen trash being stacked up on the bench. Also, I have witnessed dirty cigarette spit out on the road. In the flower bed near the Geumjeong Hall, I have also seen many disposable cups staked up like a tower, which is tall enough to make others frown. Students seem to add the disposable cups to the tower without feeling guilty. If we take the cup in our hand and walk a little to the trash can, there will not be a dirty tower in the flower bed. Above all, what makes me really feel ashamed is that trash is spread out around the Research Library. Unlike Geumjeong Hall or the Information Technology Center, the Research Library is a place of academical work. From my point of view, I think students should be careful of their behaviors not to stain the environment around the library. However, trash was spread out around the telephone in the phone booth and cigarettes were thrown out on the grass.
          PNU is a national university. Not only PNU students but also junior and high school students visit our campus. We might easily think nothing of our individual behavior, so we might be tempted to throw out cigarettes or disposable cups on the bench and the road without feeling guilty. I think students’ mind set on their behavior is an important factor to raise the image of university. Then, why can’t we throw out disposable cups and cigarettes in the trash can decently?

By Choi Yeon-hong, Reporter

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