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[275호]Talk Hard
2009년 09월 03일 (목) 03:56:21 Lee Ji-soo, Hong You-mi jisoo1025@pusan.ac.kr, ymhong2613@pusan.ac.kr


Things are going to be sweeter after bitter


          Many articles about Ssangyong Motor Co. have been reported in the paper over the past few months. I’ve followed up what has happened in the strikes and I feel sorry that they couldn’t compromise the agreements between the company and the labor union sooner. 
          The worker’s strike went on for 77 days, ending on August 6. Needless to say, it cost a lot of money fighting each other. The workers threw bolts at police and other workers. Some police officers and workers got injured. At first, workers fought against the company, but as the strike progressed the union began to struggle with co-workers that had once worked together for a long time. Finally, they reached an agreement over the number of workers to be laid off and solved the problems that they had disagreed over. 
          There are still many things to do to take care of their exhausting strike. They have to strive for revival on its own. It would not be easy to get things going well at once. First of all, they should put much effort into revival even though some may have to do work more than regular wage. The most important thing now is to restore the company as it was before. Many have been working at Ssangyong Motor Co. for several years or so and will continue working there. They should have a correlative responsibility as members of the company. If it is needed, cutting wages of executives should be implemented to normalize the company. Something would be difficult for one, but once getting together with others, they would feel easier than before. I hope that they cooperate with one another, making a better company in the near future.

By Lee Ji-soo, Reporter

Looking Good Internship, Is It Really Good?


          Since the recession started, the government has put lots of effort into framing policies to stop unemployment. Under the Lee government’s positive support, many enterprises and the government itself developed kinds of internship programs and hired lots of people in the name of the intern. The policy was effective. Korea seemed to recover its employment rate to the level before the economic downturn. 
          As one of the job applicants who is about to graduate, I also participated in an internship program of a company and worked as hard as I could for three months. Now although the internship has finished, I see nothing changed. I am still looking for a job as I was exactly three months ago. Through newspapers, I found other interns who have experienced the same situation as me. Many papers pointed out that this situation was already predicted by experts, and blamed the President for the policy’s temporary effect. Some of them kindly added advice for internship applicants - “When you look through job postings, you should check first if there is a clearly worded sentence indicating, “a possibility of a shift to a full-time permanent job with the company.”
          However, who would notice, if only he or she once looked over the recent job postings, that the sentence was always included. Businesses and employers say, “We are willing to consider your shift to a full-time permanent job. But for many reasons, we never guarantee a full-time permanent position.” Knowing this, millions of interns keep looking for another internship because they think they have no other options. The nation’s job market has yet to bounce back and there are few full-time permanent positions. 
          Being disappointed and blaming the government and businesses are obviously not the best options we can do now. Before joining an internship program, thorough research on the program and the company should be done. In addition, each applicant should have clear answers for these questions- “Why do I have to participate in this internship?”, “What are the strengths and the weaknesses of this internship compared to other programs?” The answers will keep you from later disappointment. Hopefully, in the meantime, the government and businesses can come up with ideas which will help ultimately solve the problem.   

By Hong You-mi, Reporter

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