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Endless fighting between Black and White
[275호]Person to Person
2009년 09월 03일 (목) 04:09:31 Jang Hee-seok jhsbear@pusan.ac.kr

Endless fighting between Black and White

Choi Young-nam and co-workers doing their work.

          In July, many computers were attacked by the ‘Distribute Denial of Service (DDos)’ virus. The aftermath of damage left many realizing they need security training for operation of their computers. In fact, computer experts said, 90% of computer viruses are generated in personal computers. Therefore, we have a concept that safety for the computer is not only the work of Certified Information System Security (CISSP) specialists, but also respective computer owners. 
          Many hacker’s like computer programming or security issues. However, many think that they can attack other’s computers or steal important data belonging to businesses. These kind of people are ‘Crackers’ not ‘Hackers.’ So, it is necessary to differentiate between ‘Hacker’ and ‘Cracker.’
          Hyowon Herald interviewed Choi Young-nam, a third year Computer Engineering major at TongMyong University and also one of the ‘White Hackers.’ He is also a staff member of Turbotek Co.Ltd. Before he entered university, he had worked for a computer security design system firm. At that time, he was fascinated with many affairs related to computers and after entering university, he joined a club related to the field of computer security. He thought this would be an opportunity to enter Turbotek Co.Ltd and he becomes a ‘White Hacker’. 
          He said, “Recently, there have been three types of hackers emerging. One is a ‘White Hacker’, another is a ‘Grey Hacker’, and the other is a ‘Black Hacker’. The ‘White Hacker’ is someone that uses hacking techniques for good through helping web security. ‘Grey Hackers’ are also similar to ‘White Hackers’ but sometimes they intrude upon someone’s computer as well. However, ‘Black Hackers’ are always doing bad things for profit gain. Both ‘Black hackers’ and ‘Crackers’ have the same meaning.” In addition, he said, “We know that Korea has a very weak security computer system through the aftermath of DDos. To improve the computer security system in Korea, the government should support ‘White Hackers’ not just insist upon their existence. Unfortunately, hackers who are fascinated by good contract terms such as online gambling websites, end up becoming ‘Black Hackers’. Black hackers can’t comprehend the value of the White Hacker’s work. One day, while examining the security of other companies’ computers, one ‘Black Hacker’ attacked our computers. At that time, I was really astonished and struggled to protect our information. Fortunately, I defended it successfully and the company has become more secure. At that time, I felt worthwhile with my job. In order to lead hackers rightly, the government should open up more opportunities for hacker to apply their techniques for establishing secure networks and personal computers.”
          We know people want to prevent ‘Black hackers.’ Therefore, the government must support ‘White Hackers’ more favorably than nowadays. Otherwise, ‘Black Hackers’ will increase in numbers and cause serious security problems of government and business administrative IT equipment. Hackers fall in a grey boundary: legal or illegal, so it is very vital for government to draw them as a ‘White hacker.’

By Jang Hee-seok, Reporter

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