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[276th]Talk Hard
[276th]Talk Hard
2009년 10월 06일 (화) 16:26:47 Lee Ji-soo, Hong You-mi jisoo1025@pusan.ac.kr, ymhong2613@pusan.ac.kr


We Should Think about Events in Context

          I would say that the most controversial issue on the Internet over the past few weeks concerns critical remarks that Park Jae-Beom, an American-born member of the pop group 2PM, had written on Myspace, a social network service. He wrote, “I hate Koreans and they thought that I was good at singing even though I wasn’t that much.” His imprudent words angered Koreans, and his remarks on Myspace have been spread throughout Internet. He finally left for Seattle after quitting the group, but the controversy hasn’t died down.
          I do understand what he felt when he came to Korea for the first time because I have an experience of living in a foreign country for 6 months. The way foreigners acted was quite different from me, so I enjoyed all new things, but I missed Korea desperately. Park Jae-Beom was so young when he arrived in Korea to be a singer. Therefore, the situation he faced was much harder than as an adult. It was careless to write critical remarks about Koreans on his personal space on the web as a famous entertainer, but posting his personal opinions on his own blog was his choice. He has a right to express his feelings. 
          I think Koreans may feel jealous of someone who was born in a foreign country, speaks English fluently, and doesn’t have any duty to join the army. We think that someone who has that kind of situation has an advantage compared to ordinary people. We just don’t want to accept a difference. I heard from a friend of mine who is African-Canadian that Koreans are conservative. I remembered those words after reading articles about Jae-beom.
          What I really want to say is that we should view some events in context and think about them for some time. We tend to get angry quickly and forget easily. I am worried that getting thorough this moment is unbearable for a young boy. Of course, he was immature, but perhaps we immature as well.

  By Lee Ji-soo, Reporter



What Happened to You, PNU?


          On September 18, the first free-sham TOEIC test was held by the PNU Human Resource Development Center, which had been renewed recently to support job applicants as much as possible. The sham TOEIC test has been one of the center’s most consistent and popular programs. Especially this fall semester, it seemed to go very successfully under its biggest promotion ever. Approximately three thousands students registered for the test. However, as seeing only half of the students appeared in each test room, the HRDC could not hide their disappointment. 
          The center, which was actually concerned about this situation, told students that there would be a penalty in case they don’t show up for the test. Despite this warning, about one thousand five hundred students did not take the test. What happened to all those students? They might have gotten into an accident or suddenly come up with more important things to do. However, not many of them will be able to give valid excuses. 
          Hearing this disappointing news, the first thought which came up in my head was that we wasted our money. There is no doubt that our tuition fee was used to pay for both the test and the labor to monitor it. It is always surprising to watch how easily we just throw away our money. 
          Secondly, I thought, if this were a company, not a school, how would the company react? The company would definitely dislike those who wasted the company’s money. In addition to the financial issue, employers would think those who should have shown up were not reliable. I don’t think any one of us wants to be seen as that kind of person. 
          To gain trust from employers or professors, whoever they are, we first need to show them that we do what we are promised to do, or what we are expected to do. I believe we will recover trust.


By Hong You-mi, Reporter

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