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Make your inner diamond shining
[276th]Person to Person
2009년 10월 27일 (화) 18:49:57 Hong Jae-min whatever000@pusan.ac.kr


Make your inner diamond shining


          Ed: The author of the novel, ‘Le jour de fourmis’ and “Le Souffle des Dieux”, gave a lecture on creativity, saying “All of my weakness is the source of my creativity.”




Bernard Weber is talking to the audiences.


          A popular French novelist, Bernard Werber had a lecture titled “Creativity and Writing” at Korea University on September 7. A constant stream of visitors continued to Woo-dang Hall of An-am Campus at Korea University, showing how Bernard was renowned as a novelist in Korea. Known for his fondness of the freedom and destruction of formality, he began an hour and a half speech even letting audience members sit down on the stage and listen to his lecture where he was going to speak, also without any manuscript prepared.
          Bernard began his lecture by telling us of his days in university. He first majored in Law, but soon became more interested in Criminology. He then found out how he liked to tell others of interesting stories. There was no curriculum for the writer-aspirant; he had to get the knack of writing himself. It was not hard work for him due to his writing ability. He began to practice writing for more than 4 hours a day when he was 16 years old. He thinks that imagination also could be brought up by steady training and practices.
          As the lecture was entitled ‘Creativity and Writing’, he listed two essential conditions to becoming a creative person. The first requirement is to spend your days regularly. He said, “It might be really hard to follow the regularity at first. However, as you go on and on consistently, it might feel easier for you to handle it.” He likens the regularity to a marathon. At first, it is hard to find out how you can flatten your breathe. After regular training, it will be not that difficult to run for 42.195km. The second necessity is to be free from any restrains and be yourself. You don’t just follow the styles of the existing novels and don’t just pursue the latest fashion. That is, to find out the inner nature of the ‘I’. 
          As he became a famous and able writer, he recommended prospective writers to enjoy the loneliness. “When you begin to write any sorts of piece, you would feel lonely,” said Bernard. So, he suggested, “If anyone here listening to my lecture wants to be a writer; they should be willing to enjoy the solitude and prepare for it.” He also added that at the same time, the prospective writer would feel great pleasure. Whenever you become a success as a writer, you would know a huge society that you would never recognize before, because a lot of your fans would love to come and visit as we come and wanted to see him now. Even if you don’t want to be a writer, it is also very important to raise your creativity personally. 
          Werber ended his speech by telling us to find out our infinite possibility. We tend to underestimate ourselves. Also, we don’t love ourselves as well. So, whenever problems arise, people cannot solve even the smallest problems, though it is not that big of a deal. Let us think in this way. Imagine you are a shining star out there in space, looking down on the people living in the Earth. Then you will easily recognize how the small problems suffered in your lives mean nothing at all. If you feel you are depressed, that is because you think you are “small”. If you regard yourself as big and powerful being, there will be no such sadness you suffer. He finished up by saying, “Every one of you can surely change this whole wide world with the energy in you.”


By Hong Jae-min, Reporter


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