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B-Boying, Be going to be crazy
[278th performance]
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 17:18:34 Yun Chan-kyoung himystar@pusan.ac.kr

B-Boying, Be going to be crazy

Musical ‘Ballerina who loves a b-boy’ was held from 17th to 18th October at Pusan KBS Hall. It consists of the b-boy team ‘Extreme Crew’, hip-hop team ‘Illusion’, Girls’ hip-hop team ‘EX girls’ and ballerinas. The performance was non-vocal musical. The performers just danced. 

In this musical the ballerina, So-hyun, fell in love with a b-boy, Suk-yun, learns b-boying because she wanted to be with her lover. Before she meets the b-boy, she had a dance battle with b-boys. Of course, she did not like b-boying. However, after she met Suk-yun, she couldn’t concentrate on doing ballet because she fell in love with him. Though she visits the place in which b-boys dance, b-boys do not want to join with her. Therefore, she decides to give up the life of a ballerina and to learn b-boying. One day, So-hyun appears putting on a b-boying costume and shows her new dance. B-boys are surprised that she is able to do a b-boy performance well. After then, they became friends and she love with Suk-yun became real. 

In contrast to other musicals, audiences can use their cameras and cell phones during the performance. In addition, it was permitted for people to shout for joy if they were met with a performance they especially liked. The audience was allowed to enjoy the performance how they wanted. Also the performers usually stepped down from the stage to meet their audience. After the musical ended, the performers called some visitors to the stage and gave them presents.

By Yun Chan-kyoung, reporter







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