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The meaning of dream is not “I want to do it” but “I should do it”!
[278th Meet the hyowonian]
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 17:30:46 Yun Chan-kyoung himystar@pusan.ac.kr

The meaning of dream is not I want to do it but I should do it!



             ED-Many people already know that it is difficult to get through Public Administration Examinations. However, one of the many graduates passed this examination with hope and a dream. The Hyowon Herald visited him to listen to his experiences.



             I am so glad to meet you. My name is Lee Kyung-teak, and I am a graduate of the college of public law of Pusan National University. Lee Kyung-teak is working in a bar town located in Geogi-dong as a lawyer. It is a surprise that he spent only 42 months preparing for the Public Administration Examinations. However, to achieve his goal, he gave up many things in his undergraduate days. I could not take classes diligently, because I concentrated on preparing only for an examination. I should have worked harder He could not join clubs, get together with his companions, and he broke up with his girl friend. However, he does not regret his decisions. He always wanted to be a lawyer and he just did his best to achieve what he desired. He believed that he had to make sacrifices to achieve his dream.


             He is largely satisfied with his work nowadays. In fact, he said that he is sometimes disappointed with the results of certain judgments. He also works until midnight to prepare lawsuits he is working on. He makes relationships with other people and manages them. It is also a kind of business. He sometimes wants to go out and take a rest without work, but he works hard because of his family and his dream. There is nothing that I can get without effort. And I do what I want to do happily.


             He initiated many kinds of lawsuits. He remembered taking on a lawsuit to protect a firm from bankruptcy. As a result, he was successful in helping the firm to not go bankrupt He felt delighted, because he defended not only workplaces of employees, but also fortunes of investors.


We asked him, What should undergraduates do? He answered, It is important to take trips during youth. It is a right only enjoyed in one’s 20s. After you get a job, you can’t have a chance to travel because you might not have enough time. If you can gain good cultural experiences through many trips, it might be a good chance to enhance your university life.


             Also he said, As you know the old saying ‘No pain, No gain.’ It will be hard to achieve what you want to achieve. Creating your own goals is also important. It means that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. It is not possible for someone to be a winner if they don’t possess goals. Do your best, and it will lead you to success.



By Yun Chan-kyoung, Reporter




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