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Walking For Rest
276th Walkaholic
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 17:31:06 Park Gi-ryung ryung@pusan.ac.kr

Walking For Rest

    “Walk and be happy. Walk and be healthy. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose,” exclaimed Charles Dickens.
    Walking gives modern day hectic people a chance take a rest for a short while. Walking in and of itself can make people happy. I am no different. I also need a rest from pressing problems from time to time. So regarding looking for a proper place to walk, I decided to go to Ulsan Grand Park. 
           I woke up early one morning and went to the Nopo bus terminal to buy a ticket for Ulsan. It was a breezy, clear and perfectly suitable day for walking. Then I arrived at Ulsan Grand Park. Ulsan Grand Park (792,000㎡) is the biggest park in Korea. The space for the park was donated to Ulsan city by the SK Corporation. This park is divided to 2 parts: the first region and the second region.
           When I walked into the first region, I could see many people walking and riding bicycles at in the park. For walking Zelkova walk about 2 hours, I felt my fatigue disappear because of the fresh air and clear sky. Then I wandered through the first region riding a bicycle. Some people enjoyed picnics with their family, while several couples delighted in dating. In this park, all people looked happy. Green leaves, soft beams of sunlight and the sound of laughing children made for an exhilarating time.  
    From the second region, I took the Tram car that runs all around the park, because the second region is too large to walk. There are so many facilities that allows one to experience nature such as an Animal farm, Rose valley, and Butterfly garden. Among them, Rose Valley was especially impressive and exotic to me. There are a variety of roses that made this garden appear like the largest of its kind in Korea. However, I couldn’t enjoy the full bloom of the roses due to off season. If you visit in June, you can enjoy the Rose Festival with many full blooming roses.
    At the park, I threw away all my daily nuisances through walking. Although it was a short day trip, it gave me energy to spend the coming weeks lively. Walking offers happiness and contentment to people as Charles Dickens’s saying goes.
                                                                                    By Park Gi-ryung, Reporter

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