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Green Challenge by Green Riders
278th Career
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 18:14:22 Lee Shin-ae lsa@pusan.ac.kr




 Green Challenge by Green Riders


Ed - Green College is a program for university students sponsored by the Presidential Committee on Green Growth (PCGG). The program includes project making ideas on green growth. It also contains ideas on how to design and put them into practice. Nineteen teams were selected among the 550 teams who applied. PCGG will select six teams and give an opportunity to go abroad and participate in an internship. The team ‘Green Rider’ including two students at Pusan National University was chosen to represent Busan.

The word Rider means ‘someone who rides a horse, a bicycle’. The team has four members. Two of them are PNU students, Ahn Su-hyung, Department of Regional Environmental System Engineering and Roh Hwa-sun, Environmental-Engineering. Other students are from Ajou University and Kosin University. They met on an internet café and created their team. Last November, with other eighteen teams, Green Rider attended lectures on the importance of green growth. The speakers were celebrities including Kim Jeong-hun from KOICA, Kim Hyeong-kuk who is the co- chief of the Presidential Committee on Green Growth (PCGG).

Six professors helped the team when they completed a paper on the idea. Kim Chang-ho at PNU, Environmental Engineering was a professor adviser. Green Rider proposed a few ideas, of which all were not accepted but one by professors. They complete the paper and turned it down to the PCGG. The paper is on making green growth in Gang-seo city. The main idea of the paper focused on sustainable green growth by applying the ‘3G System’.

The team participated in the forum on the green growth

          Under the 3G System, energy is made from waste such as food waste (Green Growth) at plants in Gang-seo city. It is provided for free to Corporations producing eco-friendly products (Green Corporation). Some of the profit will be re-invested into the companies again (Green Finance). Busan city has planned to invest twenty three million won and design Gang-seo city as an ‘International industrial trade city’. If the idea by Green Rider is applied, the city can become a ‘Green international industrial trade city.’

           They gave lectures on Green growth for high school students. Also they notified Busan citizens about what green growth is really about. Ahn Su-hyung, a member of the team said that “As we aren’t experts on green growth, we visited professors and organizations to obtain knowledge. At first though we were a little bit afraid of approaching strangers, but students and citizens reacted to us positively. It encouraged us to do such an activity more often. I expect the results to be successful”

By Lee Shin-ae, Reporter


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