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Chung Sye Kyun visited PNU for Communication
278th Person to Person
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 18:17:17 Lee Shin-ae lsa@pusan.ac.kr


Chung Sye Kyun visited PNU for Communication

Ed- On November 21st, the President of the Democratic Party, Chung Sye Kyun interviewed with the Hyowon Herald. On that day, he held a special lecture on criticizing the Four-River Restoration Project. He insisted that the budget for the project should be invested into the welfare of the people. After the lecture, Mr. Chung had a seminar with a few professors and met with student representatives. 

 Mr. Chung came to Pusan National University (PNU) not for speaking, but to listen. He intended to listen to what problems professors and student face are. So, he planned to stay at PNU for about five hours. He said that “Actually I have heard about the problems through many papers. However, I could really feel what the problem is because I heard peoples’ voices. “   


He calls himself a policy- oriented politician. He has developed his political career mainly in the field of policy. So, he has interests in most policies over all. As Chung had been in the business world, he is deeply informed about economy related problems. As he was once a member of the education committee, he also has interests in the problems of students. So he could talk about problems regarding cutting registration fees and education with students.




The Hyowon Herald is interviewing Chung Sye Kyun

Mr. Chung insists that students contact with their local political representatives. Contacting politicians is the beginning to solving problems regarding quality of education and tuition fees. In other words, participation of university students in politics is important. He believes that large numbers have strong power. There are many universities in and each school has many students.

 He thinks that the Lee MB non-confidence at PNU is an example of political participation. Though only thirteen percent of the students voted, he regards it as meaningful political effort. He said “Thirteen percent can be seen as a small ratio, but the percentage isn’t really that small. In Korea, Labor Union has led labor movements with smaller numbers. Active students can influence other students to participate in politics. Active minorities can arouse change.”

Chung Sye Kyun stands for so-called communication politics. He visited PNU for two-way communication. In that he made such effort, he can be regarded as a model to other politicians.




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