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Here We Are, Global Teachers!
277th Into Another Life
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 18:39:28 Kim Joo-ha goddessjoo@pusan.ac.kr

 Here We Are, Global Teachers!

    Teachers are like second parents to most people. Teachers have always been with people from childhood even during adulthood. All of you have probably imagined yourself as a teacher some time or another. Teacher is a job which is really close to us and students admire the job at least once in their lives. Especially nowadays, this job has gained huge popularity. More and more people want to be a teacher. So today, I experienced a teacher’s day and l will tell you how it was.
    I visited the International School of Busan, because, I wanted to feel the atmosphere of a so-called western style education. It is located in Haeundae. There are many students from various countries. I taught 11~13years old. The topic was about human rights. I tried to use various kinds of teaching methods such as using power point, videos, pictures, and some activities because they weren’t enough to fully understand what human rights are.
    I divided the topic into three parts. One was “What are human rights?” Another was “What is the present situation of human rights?”, and finally “What can we do to protect our human rights?”
    In part 1, I asked what human rights are. Contrary to my expectations, many students raised their hands. It was quite different from general students in Korea who are very shy when asked questions. With their answers, I easily explained the concept of human rights.
    In part 2, I showed a video covering a modern version of child slave labor and how their human rights are trampled on. After watching the video, most students seemed very shocked. “I didn’t know that there are real slaves who are my age,” said Gebard, a student from Germany.
    In part 3, they wrote letters to poor people around the world and signed up for the Declaration of Human Rights. By signing their name upon the declaration, they would be held more responsible for protecting human rights.
    All of the students were very passionate in every part of the class. I was very lucky to teach them and felt proud of them. Above all, the free and casual atmosphere in the school was very impressive. With some fruitful works, today’s class ended. Maybe the reason why so many people want to be a teacher is because of such satisfaction and memorable works the learning process leaves behind.

By Kim Joo-ha, Reporter

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