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Serenade for Your Mother
276th Performance
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 18:44:58 Lee Shin-ae lsa@pusan.ac.kr

Serenade for Your Mother

Ed – People get familiar with each other by sharing fragments of their past. It could explain the way of individual thinking and behavior. So, if you want to be closer to your mother, the best way is to hear about your mother’s old days, especially her stories about ‘love’ which exist in the deepest part of her mind. A musical, the Serenade of Han-bam shows the romance of a woman who is a mother, no longer a young girl.



 Kokuma, heroine of the musical, accidently travels to the time when her mother, Park Jung- Ja, was young. Though Park Jung-Ja runs a Sundae-Kookbab restaurant now, she once was a young girl who dreamed of being a singer. Kokuma stands by her mother, not as a daughter but as a colleague. After returning from travelling, she naturally changes her attitude toward her mother.
 This story is flavored with various sounds of music. Especially the duet song ‘The moment when I saw you first’ has a beautiful flow of melody with the harmonious voice of two actors. Funny speeches, characters along with energetic acting are the factors that make the performance more charming. 



There’s another story about a mother and a daughter in the movie, called Ae-ja. Its plot is similar to the Serenade of han-bam. Kokuma is in her 30s and Ae-ja is 29. They both have no steady job, have problems in relationships with their mothers and certain event makes them understand each other. In the movie, a mother suffers from cancer so the atmosphere isn’t so bright. Besides, the death of a mother makes for a sad ending. In contrast, the musical has a bright atmosphere. Kokuma eats Sundae-kookbab her mom made, which means they reach a reconciliation at the end of the musical.

          ‘It was gorgeous music with excellent acting that made the musical great. I felt my heart warming. I want to see the musical again with my mom next time’ said Choi hyun Young, a freshman of Pusan National University of Education. Although the musical was performed on the small stage of a small theater, the energy of the musical was not small but powerfully moving. Sing a serenade for your mother, not only for your lovers.


Lee Shin-ae, Reporter

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