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Unexpected Excitement, Morning Wave in Busan
[277th]Person to Person
2009년 12월 18일 (금) 19:14:31 By Seo Won-wook, Reporter nirvana@pusan.ac.kr


Unexpected Excitement,

                 Morning Wave in Busan


“Good morning everyone, this is morning wave in Busan. I’m your hostess power in the morning, Petra!”

    When you turn on the radio and tune in to FM 90.5, at 7am, you can hear an attractive and lively voice. The Hyowon Herald had an interview with Petra R. Jung, the hostess of “Morning Wave in Busan” of Busan e-FM (BEFM) at pork bone soup restaurant for dinner. She was a very kind and open hearted woman who loves playing and watching sports. She also knows how to love and enjoy her job. Let me introduce you to Petra’s world!

 Q. Please introduce yourself to the Hyowon Herald readers.
 A. Hi, I’m Petra, the hostess of “Morning Wave in Busan”. I’ve lived a very complicated life. I moved so much in America. In fact, I lived everywhere in America. I was born in Seattle and I moved to Texas, Missouri, Utah, Alaska, New York and then to New Jersey. I was a piano major in high school, but I didn’t want to go to conservatory. I went to University in California where my final destination was before I came to Korea. I studied music theory and history there.

 Q. How did you start the Morning Wave in Busan’s as hostess?
 A. I think I’m really a special case. Actually, I’ve never thought and tried to work in broadcasting. When I was working at my ex-company as an interpreter, one of my senior officers suggested to me to work with a new English radio station, saying “pass me your application, I will present it instead of you!!” Then, in March, 2009, BEFM wanted me to work with them because they were trying to find one hostess who could speak both English and Korean for the program at 5 pm. However, I refused their suggestion saying “sorry, I finish my work at 5 pm,” and I thought “I can’t work as a hostess but a guest would be okay.” But two months later, our PD (Morning Wave in Busan) asked me “Petra, what about a morning program?” At that time, I was also thinking “whether or not I should keep doing this job?” And I decided to join Morning Wave.

 Q. You must get up early for your work every day, isn’t it hard?
 A. I usually get up at 5 am with the help of my alarming cell phone. But I think it is destiny for me not to avoid an early morning job. When I was working in the U.S., I usually got up at 6 am and at the same time in Korea. The latest I’ve gotten up was 7 am but it became 5 am again.

 Q. Are there any episodes that you remember most?
 A. We (she and other guests) like to tease each other and sometimes mock popular people on song breaks. Once, I was laughing so loudly I couldn’t breathe while we had a song break. At that moment, the light which says “on the air” was turned on. Our PD shouted, “It’s on air!!!” So I urgently stopped laughing, “ha, ha, ha,” and said straight “hello, folks…” So our PD sometimes told me “Petra, sometimes I don’t concentrate on you because you are so  comfortable.”

 Q. You are really enjoying your job. Can you tell us your secret?
 A. I can’t tell myself “it’s on air”. I have to think I’m just talking to myself. Our PD also kept telling me “Petra, you need to do this, yon need to think that you are not on air, but you need to think that you are talking to your friend. And I’m also a human, I could make mistakes. So I say “Petra, it’s OK not to be perfect, and it’s OK to make mistakes.” So, I recognize this again and again. 

 Q. Do you have any words to give the BEFM listener or the reader of the Hyowon Herald?
 A. Firstly, I thank you, and secondly, I really appreciate all of your support. This is a perfect example here (the interview). I feel more and more that everyone is becoming my friend. So I’m trying to memorize people keep sending text massages. And I always feel very grateful that people give me much more support than I should get.

 Q. What does BEFM mean to you?
 A: Unexpected excitement! Although there are funny things, worries, and actually many troubles, it’s so touching and moving. People wouldn’t know whether or not I say “thank you” on the radio because they can’t see my face. But I’m really impressed and moved. So I want to say it is unexpected excitement.

By Seo Won-wook, Reporter

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