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Family Ties- The Wheel of the Family Turns Round And Round
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2009년 10월 30일 (금) 15:25:47 Kim Ji-hwan, Reporter lk1504@pusan.ac.kr


              <Family Ties>

                 - The Wheel of the Family Turns Round And Round




          The movie title Family Ties released in 2006 is provocative, but the movie itself is more touching than provocative. As the seasonal background is the late autumn, the story about a familys harmony works more effectively on warming the audiences cold hearts. Moreover, the climax of this movie is tremendously sentimental.

          The fact that the director Kim Tae Yongs former work was Momento Mori, is unexpected. However, if youve seen Momento Mori, you would know that it is about the deepest sorrow that exists in every humans heart. Therefore, when you watch both of his movies, youll tell hes the director who expresses ties in human relationships best.

          Episode1 : Mira(Moon So Ri) & Hyueongchul(Uhm Tae Woong) are siblings like a couple. One day, Hyeongcheol who has not kept in touch for five years shows up in front of Mira all of a sudden, and confesses he got married with Moosin (Go Du Sim) who is 20 years older than himself. Mira begins to live with Hyeongcheol and Moosin as Hyeongcheol insisted. However, conflicts between Mira and this couple never cease. Episode2 : A realist, Seongyeong (Gong Hyo Jin) is no rest for romanticist, Mazza (Kim Hye Ok). Seongyeong also has had troubles with her boyfriend, Junho (Ryu Seung Bum). By the way, why does Mazza bother Seongyeong everyday?. Episode3 : Gyeongseok (Bong Tae Gyu) & Chaehyeon (Jeong Yoo Mi) are in a relationship, but Gyuengseok feels unhappy about the relationship because he thinks Chaehyeon doesnt love him enough, and cares about others too much. After all, Gyeongseok who has endured this situation, explodes his discontent upon Chaehyeon.



          Theres only a blood connection in the beginning of this movie, Mazza & seongyeong. However, as the story develops, Moosin & Mira and Seongyeong & Gyeonseok come to join the family. Through this, the movie tells us how to deal with new family members. It is the right time to discuss this topic as we see more divorces in real life nowadays.

           While we watch this movie, we find the characters way of solving conflicts is usually by their gestures, not words. For example, Hyeongcheol hugs Mira & Moosin together when they fight each other, and Gyeongseok & Chaehyeon beat their heads against each other, Gyeongseok & Seongyeong spit on each others face, for fun. These characters in all the scenes use their body to solve conflicts. So it seems instinctive to make the accommodation.

          Gyeongseok accuses Mazzas love of being sticky, and sneers at it. On the other hand, Seongyeong tries to understand her mother saying shes just too loving. Most of the relationships in the movie are actually sticky, they dont look dirty. It says we ourselves are also engaged in this kind of relationship, which sometimes are sticky, but shares the deep sorrow all together. So an audience watching this movie cannot help but loving this sticky family.

          Its easy to hurt each other in a family, but remember its also a family that keeps us from being hurt from the world outside. If youve been thinking that your mothers numerous phone calls and your younger brothers murmuring make you pissed off, watch this movie. You will love them.

By Kim Ji-hwan, Reporter


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